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Report Details

2009 Autostereoscopic 3D Displays in Signage and Professional Applications

A Study of the Technology, Infrastructure and Markets for Electronic Autostereoscopic 3D Digital Displays for Professional Use.

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Quick Facts

Date of Release:

Number of Pages:

January 2009
Dale H. Mannu
Ken Werner
Chris Chinnock
Norbert Hildebrand
Insight Media

The Need:
The use of autostereoscopic 3D (AS-3D) displays in digital signage is just beginning. But these no-glasses 3D displays have something that makes them attractive: their “WOW” factor. Anything that grabs the attention of an audience is of interest to advertisers. And with the rapid growth of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, the ability to add a 3D component to the mix in signs is very attractive. But currently, the lack of existing content, the high cost of producing new content, the high cost of the displays themselves, and the limited sales force for these products, has meant that sales have been slow. Therefore, there is a clear need for the industry stakeholders to understand the value propositions of AS-3D displays, the expected pricing declines of these solutions, the forecasts and market opportunity for AS-3D and the capacity of the industry to create content to serve the market.

Report Objective:
The objective of this report is to supply product planners, technologists, network operators, system integrators, 2D signage managers, engineers, researchers and content creators with the information needed to fully understand the use of AS-3D displays in digital signage applications such as digital out-of-home advertising, education and public information. The information required to meet this objective includes an overview of AS-3D technology, a detailed look at digital signage infrastructure, an analysis of twenty-one venues where 2D and 3D digital signage will be used, a rich analysis of the total available market, penetration scenarios for each of the twenty-one venues and supporting details on key players throughout the value chain. 


  • Explanation of AS-3D display technology, including an overview of human 3D perception.
  • Review of 3D image generation techniques such as image capture, 2D to 3D conversion and computer graphics.
  • Discussion about image processing and data formats such as 2D + depth.
  • Review of existing 2D digital signage infrastructure with a detailed look at content creation, content management, distribution and playback.
  • Analysis of the infrastructure required to support AS-3D digital signage.
  • Details on the various business models employed in digital signage networks.
  • Case study of an AS-3D digital signage deployment to advertise 3D Hollywood movies in a cinema lobby.
  • A detailed look at the ways AS-3D displays will be used in DOOH advertising, corporate lobbies, professional buildings and location-based entertainment.
  • An in-depth analysis of 20 different venues:

Shopping Malls
Chain Restaurants
Bowling Centers
Sporting Venues

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
Professional Offices
Corporate Lobbies
Convention Centers
Theme Parks
Water Parks
Cinema Lobbies

Pachinko & Other Gaming
Sales Offices

  • Opportunities in AS-3D digital signage
  • A rich analysis of all twenty venues with a needs analysis and venue summary
  • Unit and revenue forecast for all 20 venues through 2014
  • Lists of AS-3D digital signage participants:
    • Display Makers
    • Distributors
    • Systems Integrators
    • Network Operators
    • Content Management Systems
    • Content Providers

Sample Charts and Figures:







The report is the culmination of much original research on this emerging market, which involved discussions with people from all facets of the value chain, including display makers, distributors, value-added resellers, systems integrators, software vendors, content creators, network operators and end-users. 

The key analyses, forecast methodology and interim results were shared with market leaders to validate and/or adjust the results.  Consequently, this report represents the most comprehensive and most accurately researched report on this topic to date.

Who Should Buy:

  • Manufacturers of AS-3D displays, especially those that are planning to sell into the digital signage market
  • Display and AS-3D value chain component manufacturers
  • Network operators
  • Advertisers
  • Content creators
  • Digital signage VARs, system integrators, dealers and distributors
  • Anyone interested in AS-3D.

Associated Reports:


The report is delivered as a PDF file under a site license agreement.  Follow up questions and limited support is included.


2009 Autostereoscopic 3D Displays in Signage and Professional Applications (single company site license) $3,995

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