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May 2008
Insight Media
Matthew Brennesholtz
Art Berman
Chris Chinnock
Michael Kalmanash
Dale Maunu
Bernard Mendiburu
146 (many with attached tables)

The Need:

Historically, the 3DTV market has been very small, with the solution being add-ons that only worked with CRT displays. Advances in display technology and 3D video formats, plus additional 3D content from the cinema, games and other sources, means this is likely to change in the coming years. This report is designed to provide a solid technical and market analysis of the 3DTV options and forecast the penetration of this technology into the worldwide television market.


Main sections of the report include:

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In this report, we start with a very detailed and fundamental analysis of three topics key to the penetration of 3DTV into the consumer market:

This analysis showed all three factors are converging in a way likely to start the widespread penetration of 3D into consumer TV.

To develop the penetration forecast, we started with penetration rates for other consumer products, including color television, videotapes and DVDs, wide-screen TV, portable media players and camera phones. These penetration rates were then applied to 3DTV, taking into account:

These penetration rates were used to produce conservative, expected and optimistic forecasts for the penetration of 3D into the TV market through 2012. These forecasts include both unit sales of 3DTVs and the incremental revenue to the CE manufacturers that can be attributed to 3D.

For this report, we reviewed probably hundreds of documents and interviewed and/or had meetings with individuals representing over 40 companies throughout the US, Europe and Asia over the last 12 months. These meetings included site visits, telephone and e-mail interviews and discussions at trade shows. We also examined the recent forecast worldwide sales through 2012 of 2D television systems. This is a comprehensive look at the technology and market opportunity by a top-level team of Insight Media analysts.

Questions Addressed:

There are many technical, market, business and pricing discussions in this report. Some of the higher level questions addressed include:


Sample Charts and Figures:

Report Objective:

This report aims to supply technologists, managers, product planners, engineers, researchers and marketing personnel with the information needed to evaluate 3DTV technology and marketing trends in the consumer HDTV market. The report also aims to provide content creators with viable forecasts of the 3D-capable TV installed base. Armed with the technical and market data provided in this report, key decision makers will be equipped to assess technology alternatives and make informed decisions as they plan products and business investments in 3D consumer products.

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The report is delivered as a PDF file under a site license agreement. Private webinar and on-site presentations and discussions of the data in this report are also available.


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