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2006 Laser Projection Systems Report

A study of the use of lasers as an illumination source for projection systems.

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February 2006
Insight Media
Matthew Brennesholtz, Chris Chinnock, Aldo Cugnini
159 pages (plus choice of three market segment reports)

The Need:

Virtually all microdisplay-based projection systems built to date have used an HID lamp such as the UHP as a light source. While lasers have been proposed as replacements for the lamp as far back as 1966, cost and performance of these systems has rarely been satisfactory. Today only extreme high-end projectors use laser illumination. There is a need for an evaluation of lasers in terms of technology, architecture, price and performance, and compare these parameters to the existing and forecast markets for projection systems.

Report Objective:

The objective of this report is to supply technologists, managers, product planners, engineers and researchers with the information needed to evaluate laser technology in proposed projection displays. The required information needed to make these decisions include performance data, colorimetry, laser power requirements, cost information and availability, forecasted from 2005-2010. Since the projection market includes segments that range from very low end to very high end, this report evaluates lasers from a few milliwatts to 5 watts of optical output per color, as well as a number of laser-based projection system architectures.


The following graph is a sample of a figure from the price forecast section of the report.

This figure shows the unit prices of 63 red lasers available in 2005. When modeling these data, the line (in blue) was drawn so every known price was on or above the line. This was done, rather than matching the average of all available lasers, because it was felt that projection display manufacturers would use the lowest priced available laser at any given power. The higher priced lasers at that power level include special features such as special packaging, ultra-high stability, very narrow beam angles or other things not needed by display makers. The 1K and 100K volume curves were derived from the unit price curve by the price vs. volume model discussed in the report.

The main body of the report contains 58 figures and 13 tables. The Profiles section contains a rich assortment of figures, tables and other data on the profiled companies.

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Associated Reports:

The companion report, 2006 LED Projection Systems, evaluates the use of LED light sources in projection displays.

The 2006 Projection Lamp Report details the use of UHP-type lamps in projection systems with information on supply and demand, penetration of Xenon, LED and laser sources and a sophisticated Lamp Replacement Model.


The 2006 Laser Projection Report is delivered with the customer’s choice of 3 segment analyses. All are delivered as PDF files under a site license agreement.

Seven market segment analyses, plus the High Brightness LED supply chain matrix, have been completed to date. Click on any of the segments below for more information and a table of contents. Three of the following are included with the report, but more can be purchased if desired.

Each market segment analysis includes an evaluation of both LED and laser technology in that market segment. It is expected that additional market segments will be evaluated in the future.


Price is $5,000 USD for a company site license. This price includes three Market Segment Analyses (chosen by the client).

Market Segment Analyses, beyond the three included with the report, are priced at $1,000 when purchased with the 2006 Laser Projection Report.

The 2006 Laser Projection Report, 2006 LED Projection Report, all seven market segment analyses, plus the HB-LED supplier matrix are available as a bundle for $10,000.

Multi-site licenses, on-site presentations and discussions of the data in this report are also available. For additional market segment analyses, contact Insight Media.

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