Our Team

CHINNOCK 8-14 120x150Chris Chinnock is the founder and president of Insight Media.  His areas of focus include the 4K ecosystem, laser displays, 3D displays, advanced imaging technology (HDR, HFR, WCG) and emerging technologies and products.  His clients are in the broadcast, cinema, ProAV and display industries.  Chris has helped to guideInsight Media, one the most respected analyst firms in the industry, and contributes to many of the reports, consulting projects and events that the company provides.  He holds a BSEE from the University of Colorado and prior to 1993, worked for companies such as General Electric, Honeywell, MIT Lincoln Labs and Barnes Engineering.

Norbert Hildebrand 120x150 Norbert Hildebrand focuses on new materials and technologies influencing the consumer electronics markets and their effect on the display industry. Mr. Hildebrand has 22 years of R+D, production and business development experience in European and North American industries. He has contributed to North American high tech markets such as FED, microdisplay, biotech, semiconductor, fire resistant glazing and anti-ballistic glazing industries.  His areas of focus include wearables, display materials (especially glass-based) and mobile products.  He has done many of the forecast analyses for Insight Media’s multi-client and custom market forecast reports and is very strong in this area.


Matt Brennesholtz 120x150Matthew Brennesholtz has worked in the display field since receiving his Masters of Engineering degree from Cornell University in 1978.  He has worked on direct view CRT and LCD systems and projection systems based on CRTs, oil-film light valves, DMDs, LCDs and LCoS.  In addition to system level work, he was involved in the design and testing of optical components for these systems.   Recent work includes a focus on solid state illumination systems for displays and 3D systems where he has produced a number of market/technology reports for Insight Media.  Mr. Brennesholtz was the lead author of the book “Projection Displays, 2nd Edition,” published by John Wiley and Sons,  author or co-author of 16 technical papers for SID SPIE and other publications and holds 23 US patents.

Arthur Berman 120x150With a Ph.D. in physics from Kent State University and over 40 years of experience working in industry, Arthur Berman’s career has focused on three related areas. These are the business and technology of liquid crystal devices, 3D technologies and intellectual property.  Working in these in these disciplines, Berman has lead small engineering teams in developing new products and new processes and in the analysis of production problems and the products of competitors. He has been issued 36 US patents and acted as an expert witness.  Berman has been the lead technologist in 4 overseas factory deployments/start-ups and the technical lead in corporate fund raising in both the US and the Pacific Rim.

Len Scrogan 120x150A former teacher, principal, and technology director for the Boulder Valley School District, Len Scrogen is currently a Digital Learning Architect and author of Digital Shapeshifter, a book on creative visual teaching and learning. His work concentrates on innovative projects in the area of 3D, visual teaching and learning, blended learning, and technology leadership. He is a co-author of the American Optometric Association’s seminal report on 3D in the classroom, See Well, Learn Well. He serves as the online community manager for LinkedIn’s Stereo 3D Media and Technology online community of 8,000 members. Len also serves as a national judge for the Technology & Learning software awards, a board member for the new ISTE 3D Network PLN, and a member of the COSN Emerging Technologies Committee. Len is an adjunct professor for the University of Colorado-Denver. He is also a blogger, TEDx speaker, and recognized ed-tech author and speaker. In 2009, he was named Outstanding Technology Administrator in the state of Colorado.

Steve Sechrist 120x150Steve Sechrist is Senior Analyst / Editor at Meko’s Display Daily and Contributing Editor to Information Display magazine of the Society for Information Display. With a strong display and interface background that spans almost 20 years, recent work includes market research updating the 2014 Auto Display Report (IHS / Polk Automotive) including a forecast to 2020. Knowledge areas include fixed and mobile technology in the consumer, automotive, and wireless sectors.  This includes wearables; the proliferation of sensors and proximity awareness technologies (Internet of Things); Next generation display technology (Flex, Curved, Bendable, UHD); enabling display components and new materials; display related interface technology including touch and stylus, haptic, eye and motion tracking (gesture) and brain wave frontiers; plus standards and delivery mechanisms in the overall content production workflow.

Lyle Bunn - Web photoLyle Bunn is an independent analyst, advisor and educator in the digital media industry, who has been focused on dynamic place-based media for the past 13 years of his 39-year career in information technologies and telecommunications. He has assisted over 300 firms in their planning, execution and optimization of location-based digital media and has helped to train over 10,000 professionals. Lyle has received 6 major industry recognitions including an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to industry education and he was named as one of the 11 Most Influential People in the industry by DigitalSignageToday and one of the industry Innovators and Influencers by Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine. He has published over 280 articles, whitepapers and guidebooks on related subjects and has served as editor of dynamic Media supplements in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The National Post. He serves on the advisory boards of the industry’s primary events and on the judging panel of several digital signage awards programs.

 Phillip Wright 120x150Phil Wright is an experienced technical executive with an extensive background in semiconductor, electronic, optical, display and optoelectronic technology development. He has contributed to several industries including communications, consumer electronics, mobile handsets, information displays, engineering services and defense electronics. Phil received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. His background includes roles at start-up and Fortune 500 companies including Bell Laboratories, Ford, and Motorola. As a manager, Phil has led project teams that were granted more than 50 issued US patents. He has contributed as an inventor to 16 issued US patents. In addition to business development and technical consulting, Phil has delivered in depth analysis of individual patents and provided patent portfolio assessment to support client acquisition decisions. He has also provided patent infringement and validity assessments and expert witness opinions.

Marty ShindlerThe Shindler Perspective is a husband & wife consulting practice with Big 4 (C of PWC) professional service firm and top 5 (Sloan @ MIT) business school credentials. Our work has been at many points on the entertainment and entertainment technology value chain as well as the many businesses and industry segments that intersect with the points on the chain. The practice consults on business, economic, strategic, organizational and operational matters in a diverse, but interconnected set of market segments and companies with deep insights on the trends in the marketplace. Speaking engagements have included a wide range of industry conferences and events representing the many industry segments where the practice has been involved. Marty Shindler’s prior employment includes 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, Kodak’s Cinesite and Coopers & Lybrand (PriceWaterhouseCoopers). Mr. Shindler has an MBA from Suffolk University and a BS from Bentley University.  He is a CPA, licensed in California, but not currently practicing. Roberta Shindler worked in banking at Bank of America following earning her Master’s Degree in Management at MIT.  Mrs. Shindler earned a BA from Brandeis University.

Alan Brawn 120x170Alan Brawn and son Jonathan are Brawn Consulting, an AV, IT, digital signage, and traditional signage training and curriculum development consultants working with major manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and industry associations to create content and train their respective staffs as well as those they serve.  They provide:

  • Market intelligence services for the AV, digital signage and traditional signage industries for clients worldwide and help in their business development.
  • “Go to market” services to help companies create a strategy and plot a clear path to enter a given market. This includes due diligence, creating the business plan, creating the strategy, and working with clients on execution.
  • Outsourced product support and design services for manufacturers, distributors, and resellers who are seeking a service based solution alternative to the high cost of developing in-house technical resources. We can provide sales, product, and technical support as well as complete systems design, training and follow-up for audiovisual, IT, and digital signage solutions.

George MelnikDr. George Melnik has an extensive career in the research and development of display technologies where he has 17 patents and numerous publications. For the last nine years Dr. Melnik has served as president of GAMWorld Inc., an international consultancy specializing in technical development and patent law of display systems and products. Prior to starting his consultancy, Dr. Melnik worked 15 years in Philips where he introduced novel technologies, including the single panel liquid crystal on silicon technology which became Philips’ initial HDTV product introduction. At Philips he held positions in research, development, and manufacturing, initially as a senior member of research staff and finally as director of strategic projects. Prior to joining Philips, Dr. Melnik worked to advance various display technologies in startup companies and also played a key role in pioneering active matrix LCDs at General Electric as a senior product engineer in corporate R&D. Dr. Melnik received his Ph.D. in 1987 from Kent State University for his research at their internationally renowned Liquid Crystal Institute. He is a senior member of the Society of Information Display and also stands as the chairman of their mid-Atlantic chapter.