Mobile BLU Report – TOC

Mobile Display Backlighting Report – Table of Contents

Section I: Mobile Backlight Units

1.       Mobile backlight forecast: units, revenue, ASP

a.       MBU suppliers, shares, production location

b.      MBU value chain

c.       Light management film suppliers

d.      Light guide plate suppliers

e.      Selected MBU supplier profiles

2.       MBU technology and trends

a.       Thin light guide: £ .5 mm for smartphones

b.      Flat light guide in larger displays

c.       Construction of typical MBUs

i.     Smartphone

ii.      Tablet

iii.      High end notebook (ultrabook, Apple)

iv.      Standard notebook

d.      MBU detailed cost breakdown and cost forecast

i.      4” smartphone

ii.      9.7” tablet

iii.      14.1” notebook

3.       Mobile BLU Suppliers covered:

·         OPT

·         Minebea

·         Citizen

·         Nidec Copal

·         Leiz Advanced Technology

·         Tomoike Industrial

·         eLITECOM

·         Kumho

·         KJ Pretech


Section II: Light Guide Plate and Materials

1.       Forecast (bulk resin), price, ASP

2.       LGP value chain

a.       PMMA

b.      PC

c.       COC

3.       Light guide technology and trends

a.       Material  properties comparison

b.      Thin light guide LED light injection

c.       Light extraction

d.      Requirement for high flow PC and COC

e.      Cost comparisons: Smartphone, tablet, notebook

4.       Light Guide Plate Material Suppliers covered

·         Asahi Kasei Chemical

·         Idemitsu Kosan

·         Kuraray

·         Sumitomo Chemical

·         Japan Zeon

·         Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics

·         Mitsubishi Rayon

·         Polyplastics

·         Sumitomo Styron Polycarbonate


Section III: Light Management Films

1.       Prism film (BEF and similar)

a.       MBU prism forecast: area, revenue, ASP

b.      Prism film supplier shares

i.      3M

ii.      MN Tech

iii.      LG Electronics

iv.      UBright Optronics

v.      Shinwah Intertech

c.       Prism film value chain

d.      Prism film technology trends

i.      Moiré suppression

ii.      Robust handling

iii.      Fine pitch, matched to avoid  moiré at high dpi

e.      Prism film intellectual property

2.       Reflective polarizer (DBEF, APF)

a.       MBU RP forecast: area, revenue, ASP

b.      RP value chain

c.       3M premium pricing strategy

d.      RP technology and trends

i.      3M APF

ii.      Alternative technologies

1.       Wire grid

2.       Cholesteric LC polymer

iii.      3M hollow backlight (large displays)

3.       Diffuser films

a.       MBU diffuser forecast: area, revenue, ASP

b.      Diffuser film supplier shares

c.       Diffuser film value chain

d.      Diffuser film technology and trends

4.       Light guide back reflector

a.       MBU Forecast: area, revenue, ASP

b.      Reflector film supplier shares

i.      White PET

ii.      Silver

iii.      3M ESR

c.       Reflector value chain

d.      Reflector film technology and trends

5.       Quantum dot films

a.       MBU QD forecast: area, revenue, ASP

b.      QD film value chain

c.       QD technology and trends

d.      QC case study – Amazon 7″ Kindle Fire HDX

6.       Light Management Film Suppliers Covered:

·         3M Company

·         Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.

·         Coretronic

·         Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP)

·         E-Fun Technology Co. Ltd.

·         Fusion Optix, Inc.

·         Gamma Optical Co. Ltd.

·         Goyo Paper Working Co. Ltd.

·         Kolon Industries, Inc.

·         LG Chem, Ltd.

·         LMS (formerly LGS)

·         Mirae Nano Tech Inc.

·         Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

·         Prodisc Technology Inc.

·         SKC Haas

·         Shinwha Corporation

·         Wah Hong Industrial Corp.

·         Luminit

·         WaveFront Technology Inc.

·         Asahi Kasei


Appendix: 3M reflective polarizer patents

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