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Joint Report with Insight Media and PMA Research189 Pages
90 Tables
93 Figures
Forcasting for Stand Alone Pico Projectors, Embedded Mobile Pico Projectors, Embedded Fixed Pico Projectors, Personal Micro Projectors

The report includes forecasts for unit sales and revenue through 2017 and historical shipment data since 2009. This report also covers technical and marketing aspects of mobile solid state projectors, including pico projectors, personal (micro) projectors and mobile devices containing embedded pico projectors, both mobile and fixed.

Forecast by both PMA Research and Insight Media are featured with analysis for each forecast. The two forms approached the forecasting from different perspectives to offer multiple viewpoints of the market and complementary analyses. This offers true value for readers by providing double analysis and forecasts for the price of a single report.

The forecasts developed by PMA Research are based on manufacturer supplied shipment data, a monthly projector channel trend analysis, and PMA’s long history of forecasting for the projector market. The forecasts developed by Insight Media uses a multi-variable penetration model to understand the factors that drive adoption and penetration into the market. These forecasts also offer our usual conservative, expected and optimistic predictions with commentary on factors that can drive the forecast in one direction or the other.

The report finds that the prospects of these sub-segments of the pico/personal market will vary based upon price, performance and competitive products in the market. To support our forecast analysis, the report also includes full technology trend analysis of the components of these projectors, manufacturing and supply chain analysis, and analysis of surveys of the pico/personal projector ecosystem.

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