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2006 Low-Cost Projector Report

October 3, 2006 -- Insight Media is pleased to announce the release of the 2006 Low-Cost Projector Report. This 135-page report defines a "Low-Cost Projector" as a front projection system with a retail street price of $300 or less. This threshold was chosen because this is the price point where retail sales of consumer electronics can increase dramatically and the item becomes a commodity.

Front projection systems are expected to reach this price point in the next few years. All involved in the front projection business must understand the trend in prices of projectors, and the new markets enabled by these low prices, in order to survive and be profitable in the face of extreme price erosion.

Report Objective:

The objective of this report is to provide all persons involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of front projection systems with the information they need to cope with the coming price declines of front projectors and the new markets and sales channels enabled by these low prices. The objective of the report is to cover all aspects of low-cost projectors, including projector cost models, technology, manufacturing, competing technologies, marketing, and sales. This information will be essential for product planners, manufacturing managers, procurement managers, design engineers and researchers at projector manufacturers and their suppliers. The information is also essential for retail planners to prepare them for the coming change in the projection markets.


  • Markets for low-cost projectors
  • Specifications and requirements for low-cost projectors
  • Business models and sales channels for low-cost projectors
  • Coverage of the design and design variations of low-cost projectors
  • A description of current and future light sources for low-cost projectors
  • Manufacturing cost estimates for low-cost projectors, including BOM estimates 2006-2010 for 17 representative low-cost projector designs
  • A technology forecast for low-cost projectors including what changes in the technology can be expected through 2010.
  • Quantitative forecast of the market for low-cost projectors by year through 2010. These forecasts include both unit volumes and total sales in dollars.
  • Information on 26 companies with known involvement in 2006 in low-cost projectors
  • Photo survey of design of 3 existing low-cost projectors plus a 4th low-end mainstream projector

View the complete table of contents:

The report contains 97 figures. The following graph is a sample figure out of the sales forecast section of the report.

This figure shows the expected growth of the low-cost projector market through 2010. The primary engine of growth in this projector category is existing markets for projectors. Purchasers who buy a $650 projector in 2006 can be expected to buy a $300 projector in 2009/2010. There will also be new markets enabled by these low prices, including the Digital Teen market.

The report contains 23 tables. The following table is a sample BOM that represents one possible design for a low-cost projector.

This BOM represents a design that is similar to the existing low-cost projectors on the market that use a transmissive LCD panel with a color filter array and an incandescent lamp with a light source. While the existing units on the market have unacceptable performance in terms of luminance, resolution, contrast, etc., this technology combination has the potential to produce some of the lowest-cost projectors.

Who Should Buy:

  • The report will be of value to all people planning manufacturing, development, distribution or sales of front projection systems or any components used by those systems
  • Persons interested in design or marketing of consumer electronics for the "Digital Teen" market
  • Engineers and researchers involved in front projection systems
  • Anyone interested in large screen TV

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The report is delivered as a PDF file under a site license agreement. Private webinar and on-site presentations and discussions of the data in this report are also available.


Price is $5,000 USD for the PDF with a company single-site license. For multi-site licensing, bundling with other Insight Media reports, private webinar or on-site presentation of the results of this report, contact Insight Media. Custom analysis of business or technical plans related to low-cost projectors or other display topics is also available.

More information or to order the report, contact Insight Media, Annmarie Gabisch (203) 831-8464,

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