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New Technologies Driving Innovation in Professional Display Markets

HDR, BT2020, VR, AR, LED, Laser, Laser-Phosphor, QD, HLD, UHD, 4K, 8K.  If you know what are these terms mean and how they will impact your business – you are ahead of the curve.  If not, then you have a great opportunity to learn all about these technologies and how they will reshape professional markets […]

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Options for Wired Infrastructure Multiply Creating New Opportunities

It used to be that organizations would set up multiple wired infrastructure networks to handle phone, data, video, audio, control, security, KVM, etc. Now, multiple options are emerging that can allow one or two networks to do all the stuff of multiple networks in the past.  That is creating lots of new opportunities for hardware, […]

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360-Degree Capture of NBA All-Star Game

Thought the capture of 180- and 360-degree video content was a recent phenomenon driven be the capabilities of the Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR?  BigLook360 did their first production way back in 1999 and just recently shot the NBA All-Star game in the format.  Content should be ready for viewing on the GearVR at the […]

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