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Display Summit and SMFoLD Presentations Availalble

Streaming Media for Field of Light Displays (SMFoLD) workshop Oct. 3, 2017 Rockwell Collins facility, Sterling Virginia The workshop on Streaming Media for Field of Light Displays (SMFoLD) was held on Oct. 3rd in Sterling, Virginia.  The workshop provided an overview of the light field display ecosystem, standards activity, and proposals for developing a standard for […]

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Advanced Technologies for Projection-based Training and Simulation

A myriad of advanced technologies all come together to create a projection-based solution for training, visualization and simulation.  At Display Summit, some of these visual technologies will be discussed and explored. For example, increasing resolution is always a key factor in immersiveness and image fidelity.  To get there, one can add more projectors or increase […]

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Focus on Light Field Displays and Streaming

Light field displays, volumetric displays and eventually, holographic displays are all in development with the first commercial products coming soon. Such displays require a lot of image points (some call them voxels or volume pixels) and a lot of data. As a result, methods to format, encode and deliver these intense data streams are also […]

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